Repair and reconditioning services for automatic gearboxes with dual clutch (DSG)

They have the commercial name:

  • 7-G DCT at Mercedes
  • S Tronic at Audi,
  • Powershift at Ford


The DSG gearboxes have become more and more common on today’s cars due to the superior efficiency of the planetary gear sets. They are at the base of hydraulic manual and double-clutch manual gearboxes.


Although they have a simple concept, the defects that appear are diverse and often times are difficult to detect.


We have a vast experience that allows us to provide repair solutions for most defects that may occur:

  • mechatronic repairs (solenoid valve replacement/ computer repairs)
  • double clutch replacement (requires special adjustment devices and a separate procedure without which we cannot guarantee a correct and lasting running)
  • replacement of balance wheel
  • replacement of seals, bearings, pinions
  • software rewriting or software upgrade installation

The DSG gearboxes represent a big step forward in what concerns the time saved by changing the gears and improving consumption. However, a more demanding driver will always feel that there is still room for improvement in order to have a more enjoyable driving experience.


Thus by partnership with TVS Engineering, a company specialized in repairing and tuning DSG gearboxes from Nederlands, we can offer DSG users (Skoda, Volkswagen and Audi) optimized software that offers advantages such as:

  • extending the life of the gearbox and double the life of the clutch, increasing the pressure on the clutch discs
  • modifying the gear shift mode in Drive (D), namely choosing the gear that suits perfectly the car’s speed and engine torque so the driver experiences fewer gearbox hesitations/delays
  • modifying the factory feature which at 60km/h the 7th gear is already coupled (at DSG 7). The 7th gear will be coupled at 80km/h
  • reactivating the 1st gear at speeds under 15km/h thus reducing greatly the wear of the clutch for gears 2/4/6 and thus eliminates the vibration that is felt on the second gear during turns at very slow speeds
  • modifying the S mode which is very aggressive into a more sporty D, which is more enjoyable to drive

Warranty granted

All the gearbox repairs carried out by AUTOMATICO benefit from a 12 month warranty, without a km limit, with the following amendments:

  • The warranty is granted pursuant to carrying out a full oil change after the first 5,000 km after the repair;
  • The warranty is granted only if the defects recorded in the engine computer are repaired within 10 days after the repair of the gearbox;
  • The warranty is granted only to vehicles that do not have a power chip.