Maintenance services for automatic gearboxes
(oil change, oil, oil filter, gasket)

Just like the annual engine inspection, automatic gearboxes require periodical maintenance.


Manufacturers such as Mercedes, Audi and many others expressly recommend in their vehicle maintenance manuals oil and filter change intervals for the automatic gearbox. Photo from the manual.

Although vehicle manufacturers are constantly preoccupied with the quality of the used oils, from our experience and that of our repair partners specialized in repairing automatic gearboxes, in order to prolong the smooth operation of a gearbox, we recommend an oil change at an interval of 60,000 km or 2 years.


Here at Automatico we recommend and we can carry out a partial or full oil change (with a special device, Launch ATF 501S).

Variating the complete oil change is highly recommended. Due to the gearbox construction, not on all models, the oil can only be drained completely by simply removing the oil basin or drain plug.


We can successfully change the oil completely for most Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Opel, Volvo and Citroen models. The procedure is more complex and requires longer labour besides a larger quantity of oil.

Although a CVA oil revision can seem simple, there are a few key elements that need to be observed in order to ensure the quality imposed by the manufacturers:

  • the oil type is the one recommended by each manufacturer (we always have 9 types of oil on stock)
  • the oil temperature at the time of the revision must be between 30-50 degrees Celsius (tester check)
  • the quality of the oil filters must not be doubtful (e.g. For the ZF gearboxes we only use original ZF filters, and only original filters for Audi Stronic and Multitronic etc.)

Automatico has in stock and can offer you filters, gaskets and oils for a wide range of gearbox models. A consultant will gladly help you choose correctly.