Mercedes S-klasse 7 Gtronic Converter

A more detailed look at the #defects of a  #converter from #Mercedes S-klasse 7 Gtronic! The converter is the transmission component that transmits the engine torque to the gearbox and allows you to drive in Drive or Reverse with the engine running without stopping. This part is as requested as the rest of the components in the gearbox and therefore often requires repair as well.


The signs of a faulty converter are:

  • the car no longer moves in Drive or in Reverse
  • the engine torque fluctuates approximately 300-500 turns in the 50-80km/h speed range
  • with the foot on the brake, both in D and R, the engine speed drops a lot, until it even stops
  • the entire car body vibrates in the 50-80km/h range

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